This is a list of Thai massage therapists who I (Nephyr here) recommend from personal experience of their work. They are all highly trained Thai massage therapists who can do targeted treatment oriented bodywork. I am in the process of expanding this list beyond Oregon and will be adding to it. These therapists each have their own style; find the one who is perfect for you!


Marla Hanken (San Francisco)


Emily Gowan (Portland)

Jacinda Phillips (Portland)

Lauren Ferreira (Portland)

Sarah Carl (Portland & Gresham)

Lara Lezrine (Portland)

Rachel Skinner (Portland)

Jim Madras (Eugene)

Focus Burmester (Eugene)


Jessica Dafni (Bath)

Helen Hudson (Bath)


Jennifer Vanderburg (Missoula)

Montana Kailen (Missoula)


Mary Elizabeth Sheehan (Fort Worth)


Damion Bond (Richmond)


Lisl Thomson (Orcas Island)

Dustin Williams (Everett)

If you are a therapist who wishes to be added to this list please contact me to schedule a sample session.  I only recommend people whose work I have experienced recently or enough to be super solid on the recommending.