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 The Naga Center offers hands on and online instruction in the art and practice of traditional Thai medicine and herbalism, with a strong focus on the bodywork of Thailand.  Most classes are taught by me, Nephyr Jacobsen, through traditional homestay apprenticeship, small private workshops, and online study.  Classes are held just outside of Portland Oregon, online, or wherever I might be traveling. 

I am dedicated to teaching Thai massage and medicine as it has historically been practiced in Thailand. Thai bodywork is taught through its traditional context as a physical therapy within the greater umbrella of traditional Thai medicine and Thai medical theory is taught within the historical Thai medical system. I do not overlay Ayurvedic, Chinese, or western medical concepts on Thai physical therapies.

Conscientious Business Model
The Naga Center business model is committed to a triple bottom line in which community and environmental impact are factored equal to or greater than, finances. Choices from massage mats to bathroom soap always account for environmental footprint. Respecting lineage, I make donations to my teacher whenever I can.  Respecting life, and with the belief that healing arts means healing the planet and caring for all beings, The Naga Center makes a habit of donating to refugee aid organizations, animal welfare organizations, and environmental protection organizations whenever possible.  You can read about my relationship with charity tithing here.

Licensure and Continuing Education
All classes are designed to meet the educational needs of bodyworkers with years of experience, even those who have studied Thai massage for decades, as well as those who are completely new to the world of bodywork. For licensed massage therapists I am an approved providers of continuing education through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB). Some individual classes may still be in process of approval from the NCBTMB, so if you require that stamp, please double check.

The Naga Center works in partnership with Lane Community College to provide transcripts for those working toward their Oregon massage licensure.  If you are an unlicensed student please contact me for details.