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Learn Deeply

The Naga Center offers hands on and online instruction in the art and practice of traditional Thai medicine and herbalism, with a strong focus on the bodywork of Thailand.  Most classes are taught by Nephyr Jacobsen, through traditional homestay apprenticeship, small private workshops, and online study.  Classes are held just outside of Portland Oregon, online, or wherever Nephyr might be traveling.  

Nephyr is dedicated to teaching Thai massage in the context of its role in Thai physical therapies, as a treatment oriented modality that is firmly rooted in traditional Thai medical theory and the greater umbrella of Thai medicine.

The Naga Center business model is committed to a triple bottom line in which community and environmental impact are factored equal to or greater than, finances. 

Approved providers of continuing education through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as well as being a member school of Thai Healing Alliance International.

Nephyr Jacobsen is the founder, director, chief cook and bottle washer of The Naga Center, taking care of curriculum development, most class instruction, compost and recycling.

Respecting lineage, Nephyr makes donations to her teacher whenever she can.  Respecting life, and with the belief that healing arts means healing the planet and caring for all beings, The Naga Center makes a habit of donating to refugee aid organizations, animal welfare organizations, and environmental protection organizations whenever possible.