"I have long resisted having a testimonials page because whenever I see a page of testimonials I think "well yeah, but those are cherry picked.  Who knows what else people are saying?".  But here's the thing; in all of the years that I have been teaching, I've had a total of two people report unhappiness with a class to me, and both of them had extenuating circumstances that had to be accounted for.  Whereas I could fill a novel with the gratitude filled sweet messages that students send me in e-mails, texts, Facebook messages and handwritten cards.  What you see below aren't so much cherry picked as they are randomly taken from a deep well of kindness put to words.  I am overwhelmed sometimes by the light my students shine on me and I thank each of you and shine that light right back."
                                                                                                                                            - Nephyr Jacobsen

Some very nice things people have said


"I am so grateful , for this wonderful opportunity and learning journey we have done together ...
Feel so much joy, gratitude and appreciation !!!!
So much to integrate , assimilate and continueputtinginto practice..
Thank You so much Nephyr.."   - Thais Elena

"I wish I could do the class again soon! I've learned a bunch and feel I want to put it all to use as soon as I can. The more massages I do I feel I can learn more.. all very exciting!" - Stacy ___ sty?

"I finally know what Thai massage truly IS and have the foundation and tools to do sessions differently." - Dana Larson (check last name)