Request to Intern or Audit a Class

If you have already completed a class once as a paying student, you may repeat the class as many times as you like for free, as an intern, so long as:

1. The class is still offered
2. Space is available
3. The class has not changed so significantly as to be realistically a new class

Students interning classes are expected to arrive 30 minutes early on the first day of class, and 15 minutes early all subsequent days, to assist with class set up.  Additionally they are expected to stay approximately 15 minutes late to assist with clean up all days, and an hour after class on the final day of class.

Students who repeat online classes are considered to be auditing the class and as such do not need to take the quizzes and final exam, but are expected to fully participate in the online forum and will be given additional tasks. 

Please fill out the following form if you wish to intern or audit a class.


Name *
I understand that as an intern/auditing student, I am here as a repeat student, not an assistant teacher
I understand that I will be asked to attend to some extra duties such as set up and clean up in live classes, and forum maintenance in online classes