Thai Medical Theory for Bodyworkers
Online Course

Thai Medicine Library at The Naga Center

Thai Medicine Library at The Naga Center

This course is offered twice a year, once in the fall, and once in the spring.  Each time it comes around a wonderful global community of dedicated Thai massage practitioners forms around a shared love of truly in-depth learning.  Students who complete this course are invited to join an ongoing online study group led by Nephyr, such that the exchange of knowledge and the community need not end.

In these ten weeks we will dive into the deep sea of Thai medical theory, with a focus on how it applies to Thai bodywork. Information provided is based on true Thai medical theory as it stands on its own and does not overlay Indian or Chinese theory on Thai techniques, although it will reference when these cultures have been inclusive in the evolution of Thai theory.
This is a serious (and fun!) course and students are expected to complete weekly homework assignments and quizzes, and to pass a written final exam. Five to Ten hours per week should be reserved for watching online lessons, doing assignments, studying, keeping up with the online questions and answers, and taking quizzes if you are a moderate to quick learner, and 7 to 15 hours per week should be set aside if you know that you do best with extra study time. While some weeks will be less learning intensive than others, please go into this class expecting to put in serious participation time.
Certificates will only be given to those who pass the course. Grading is based on participation, completing the quizzes, and passing the final exam. But don’t fret, so long as you are seriously trying, all who struggle will be given much help and guidance!  All who successfully complete this course and demonstrate strong participation, will be invited to join our ongoing study group forum.
Class is divided into 8 lesson modules, most of which are one week long, and two that are a bit longer, plus one review week before the final exam. Each week will have a lecture video lesson, homework assignment and quiz.
This course takes place on a forum, where lessons and assignments are posted each week, and students interact with one another as well as with their instructor, Nephyr Jacobsen. Nephyr is present daily, with all questions being answered within a 24 hour period. This class forms a strong online community, bringing together Thai bodywork/medicine lovers from around the world.
You do not need to watch the lessons at a particular time. This course generally has students living in a wide variety of time zones. Participation is done on your own schedule so long as you get the quiz done by the end of the week.

Fall Session 2019
September 23rd - December 6th

Spring Session 2020
March 2nd - May 15th, 2020