Traditional Thai Manual Therapy  
317 Hour Specialist Program

Learn Deeply

Welcome to deep transformative learning.  This program is for those who wish to immerse themselves in the serious and wonderful study of traditional Thai bodywork in a holistic manner that is inclusive of Thai medical theory, Thai herbal medicine, Thai spiritual practices, and extensive Thai manual therapies. This is Thai massage deep within the context of the overarching umbrella of Thai medicine as it has historically been practiced.  The program consists of 237 hands-on hours, including 6 hours of ethics and communication, plus 80 Thai medical theory online/distance learning hours.  Hands-on class time consists of eight 4 to 5 day workshop intensives, meeting once a month, from September to May, with a long winter break from December 10th through January 30th.  
Cohorts for this program are kept very small with only 6 to 10 people.  Students who complete this program will emerge with a practice that flies far beyond the skill sets found in most Thai massage practices; with knowledge and understanding of the tradition that is rarely held even by those who teach it.
This course is, essentially, guided mentorship with me,  Nephyr Jacobsen.  It is a serious and fun path of study that promises to be life changing whether you are new to Thai massage or a long time practitioner.  

I am excited to announce that The Naga Center is working in partnership with Lane Community College such that students completing this program can count these hours toward Oregon massage therapist licensure application requirements. Beginning in the fall of 2020 I will be offering an extended program to meet all Oregon licensure requirements. Students who are already licensed massage therapists will still be able to do the current version of this program.

Program Overview for the 2019/2020 session

The 2019/2020 program is now full. Please scroll down if you wish to be added to a waitlist to join.
The 2020/2021 session dates will be posted and open for registration in late spring

Hands On Workshops
All workshops run either Friday through Monday, or Friday through Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. with the exception of the Tools workshop, which this year is Tuesday through Friday (November 5-8). Workshop dates are pretty darn secure, however there is tiny possibility of date changes - all registered students will be conferred with if this is necessary.

• Essentials of Thai Bodywork: Layers and Lines
September  13th - 17th, 2019 (cohort 1)
September 27th - 30th, 2019 (cohort 2)
 This class focuses on traditional Thai view and practice as applies to bodywork. Students learn a Thai massage sequence that can be adapted for individual needs and includes foundational understanding of Thai anatomy as applied to bodywork. Theory focus also teaches the history and spirituality of Thai medicine. This course is designed for those who are brand new to Thai massage as well as for those who have been practicing or even teaching it for decades; this class is not reflective of other beginning Thai workshops and will provide insight and understanding to even the most seasoned Thai massage practitioners. This workshop includes 2 hours of ethics and communication training utilizing Buddha Dharma and traditional Thai ethics for healing arts practitioners (all relevant to a modern day practice and applicable toward Oregon CE requirements).
• Deep Thai Massage: Compression and Stretch
October 11th - 14th, 2019 (cohort 1)
October 25th -28th, 2019 (cohort 2)
This course brings the bodywork to the next level with Thai deep tissue and passive stretching techniques taught in an adaptive sequence that can be tailored to individual needs. Focus is on the tissue layer of the body with a treatment oriented approach.
• Tools! Of Thai Bodywork
November 5th - 8th, 2019 (cohort 1)
November 22nd-25th, 2019 (cohort 2)
In this workshop we will focus is on the many wonderful tools employed in a Thai bodywork practice including Thai fire cupping, Thai body scraping, Thai herbal compresses, scarves, and Thai balms and liniments. Those with tok sen initiation may receive additional tok sen training and practice.

• Thai Rx ~ Head/Neck/Upper Extremities
December 6th - 9th, 2019 (cohort 1)
January 17th -20th, 2020 (cohort 2)
In this course we dive into treatment protocols for conditions affecting the neck and shoulders, face and head, and arms and hands. This is the first of a three part series that organizes things we have already learned and new skills into protocols based in Thai medical diagnostic and treatment oriented physical therapy.

• Thai Rx ~ Core/Trunk/Lower Extremities
February 7th - 10th, 2020 (cohort 1)
February 21st - 24th, 2020 (cohort 2)
The second RX class has a focus is on treatment protocols for conditions affecting the abdomen, back, and spine, including deep Thai visceral massage, as well as protocols for the glutes and lower extremities. In this course we will continue to employ old and new skills through the lens of therapeutic Thai bodywork.
• Thai Rx ~ Injuries and Conditions
March 6th - 9th, 2020 (cohort 1)
March 27th - 30th, 2020 (cohort 2)
In the last of the RX classes we address wounds, post-surgery, scars, sprains and strains. We will also focus on conditions such as menstrual pain, fibromyalgia and such, as well as protocols for Thai prenatal and postpartum massage.

• Thai Herbal Medicine (optional*)
April 3rd - 6th, 2020 (cohorts 1 & 2)
We are going to have a fabulous time making Thai herbal formulas! We will make liniments, balms, poultices and more. This class is mostly hands on getting messy with herbs, but also includes a Thai medical theory focus on Thai herbalism including the Thai taste system and how herbs can be incorporated into a bodywork practice. * this course has been made an optional part of the program as I have come to realize that some people have no interest in making their own herbal medicine to accompany their bodywork practice. If all students in both cohorts wish to participate we may create a second class.

• Esoteric Thai Healing & Course Wrap Up
 May 1st - 5th, 2020 (cohorts 1 & 2)
This last workshop will explore the more energetic and spiritual components of Thai bodywork, including subtle wind gate work, calming the mental winds, and working with healing incantations. We will go deeper into the relationship between Thai medicine and Buddhist teachings, engage in meditations, and work with the subtler aspects of Thai healing arts. This workshop will also include individual student evaluations and guidance and class ceremonial completion. This workshop includes 4 hours of ethics and communication training utilizing Buddha Dharma and traditional Thai ethics for healing arts practitioners (all relevant to a modern day practice and applicable toward Oregon CE requirements). For this workshop our two cohorts will come together for the opportunity to work on different bodies, see different elemental conditions, and celebrate completion of the program.

Online Portion

• Thai Medical Theory for Bodyworkers
September 23rd - December 6th (cohorts 1 & 2)
In these ten weeks we will dive into the deep sea of Thai medical theory, with a focus on how it applies to Thai bodywork. Information provided is based on true Thai medical theory as it stands on its own based on ancient texts and long lineage oral transmission and does not overlay Indian or Chinese theory on Thai techniques, although it will reference when these cultures have been inclusive in the evolution of Thai theory.  This portion of the Thai Massage Specialist program is completed through online distance participation.  Class takes place on a forum and students can watch lessons and complete assignments at any time of day as their personal schedules allow. They will be joined by students from around the world who may be taking this course independent of the Specialist program; this forms a sweet and supportive global community that gets to know one another well and sustains friendly in-depth learning. Those in the Specialist program will have hands on classes overlapping with their time in the online class.  This portion of the course allots 50 NCBTMB approved CE hours, however, most students put in about 80 hours into the online class, which is reflected in non-NCBTMB documentation.  You can learn more about this course here

For those who have already taken the online Thai Medical Theory for Bodyworkers course, this course is being re-vamped, so retaking it as part of the 300 hour program will be a new experience. 


Payment option A: 
$4,200 paid in full at time of registration with credit card
$4,100 paid in full at time of registration with cash or check
I split the credit card processing fees, which are over $200 for this course, only charging those who pay with credit card $100 more
Payment option B:
$4,500 paid in 4 installments of $1,125 each with credit card. 
$ 4,400 paid in 4 installments of $1,100 each with cash or check. 
I split the credit card processing fees, which are over $300 for this course, only charging those who pay with credit card $100 more

Both cohorts are currently full for the 2019/2020 session

Workshops, when offered independent of the program run $560 to $640 per workshop and the Online theory class is $800.  Enrollment in the 300 hour program saves $2,686 if paid in full, and saves $2,386 if paid installments. Incoming students who have already completed and passed the online Theory class and paid in full within the previous year will receive an additional $200 discount on the Specialist program.

Please note that all states have different laws and regulations relating to the professional practice of bodywork. You must check with your state’s massage requirements if you are in a state outside of Oregon and wondering if this program will apply toward licensure. In Oregon students may use hours spent in this program toward their continuing education requirements or toward their initial licensure application. If you going to apply hours toward initial licensure please contact me for details.

All policies found on the policies page of this website apply, however please note that due to keeping class sizes very small, students are responsible for full payment of the program whether or not the program is completed. Refunds are possible up to one month prior to the first day of the first class in September. Should you wish to un-enroll less than 30 days before the first day of the first class you may be refunded if, and only if, your space is able to filled by someone else. Should you wish to discontinue lessons after classes have begun you will be liable for any remaining debt for the full program. This program is very special and one of the special things about it is the small student to teacher ratio that allows for truly in-depth mentorship style training; this is only sustainable when students follow through with the program and financial commitment. Please take the time to consider this program carefully before registering. Ask as many questions as you like, schedule a time to chat with me if that will help, and let me know if you would like to be put in touch with students who have completed the program before you. Also, know that it is a serious commitment. There will be homework consisting of practice massage sessions each month, and during the 10 weeks of the online theory portion students will be required to watch video lessons and complete extra homework assignments including memorizing information, taking quizzes, and participating in the online forum where that class takes place. If you have questions or concerns about the work load, please contact me.