Thai Massage Mats

Thai Massage Mats

We have tried sooooooooooo many different Thai massage mats!  In the long run, you can do Thai massage on just about any comfortable surface, but we are picky, so we hunted down what we think is the best Thai massage mat option; 100% natural latex mats.

We resisted having anything to do with retail sales, but students eventually convinced us that we had to provide these mats to Thai massage practitioners.  Selling Thai massage mats is not our focus at The Naga Center; we do this as a service because we want these mats to be available to those who wish to have them.

Our 100% Natural Latex Thai Massage Mats


Twin Comfort

38” W x75” L, 1.9” thick $285.00


Twin Deluxe

38” W x 75” L, 2.8” thick $315.00


Full Comfort

53” W x 75” L, 1.9” thick $335.00


Full Deluxe

53” W x 75” L, 2.8” thick $400.00

Mats come with a simple white cotton cover that zips on three sides. Please note that the mats in the photo have a red flannel sheet on them. This is not the cover, it’s just the sheets that we use at The Naga Center. Also, these mats do not come with a carry case. If you do outcall work, please scroll down to see our recommendations for outcalls.

Shipping is included in the price

Our apologies, but we have found that shipping outside of the United States is cost prohibitive to most purchasers. If you live outside of the U.S. and you would like advice about how to find a natural latex mat in your country, please contact us.

Why 100% Natural Latex?

• Natural Latex comes from rubber trees; a renewable resource.

• Natural Latex is hypoallergenic (FYI the proteins involved in latex allergies are washed out).

• Natural Latex is mold and dust mite resistant.

• Natural Latex is incredibly comfortable (think tempurpedic, without all the nasty toxins).

• Natural Latex Thai Massage Mats roll up quite nicely.

• Petrochemical, pesticide and synthetic chemical-free.

• Our natural latex Thai massage mats are thick and comfy yet firm and springy; perfect  for Thai massage.
latex massage mat

Always be careful when ordering natural latex products.  If they don’t say that they are 100% natural latex, they are often a blend of natural latex and synthetic and/or chemical additives of up to 50 or 60% .  Yet they will still call themselves natural.

Caring For Your Mat

Natural latex comes with lots of little micro tears.  You will notice this if you take off the cover and look at your mat.  These tears are normal, and if properly cared for, your mat will last a good long time.  The most important things are to keep your mat covered so that the latex does not dry out, and store it flat.  If you need to roll the mat up for short time periods this is fine, but storing long term rolled up may stress the integrity of the mat.  When kept covered and properly cared for, these mats can last up to 30 years.  They are truly natural however; if left uncovered and exposed to the elements they will biodegrade into dust in a couple of weeks.

If You Do Outcall Work

As much as we adore our mats, we do not recommend these mats for outcalls for two reasons. One, while they are not extremely heavy, the material has a “dead weight” quality to it. They just kind of flop over you and are a bit awkward to lug about. And two, natural latex is covered in little micro tears. Your mat will come this way, and it is not something to be alarmed about. However, if you move the mat around a lot, you increase the chance of snagging these tears, and causing bigger rips in the material. Some of our mats at The Naga Center are going on 9 years of use now and holding up just fine getting hauled all around the center, but the ones that get taken in and out of cars frequently are the ones that end up getting a bit battered.
So, what to do if you do outcalls. It might not live up to the eco friendly and non toxic standards of the natural latex, but honestly we think your best bet is to get an inexpensive tri-fold gym mat. They are light, comfortable, have a carry handle, wipe down easy for cleaning, and don’t cost too much. Avoid travel mats that are marketed to massage therapists. Most of them are little better than glorified yoga pads, and in general the moment something is marketed to massage therapists, the price skyrockets. Keep it simple. You can get a tri-fold gym mat, and backpack to keep sheets and kneeling pad or two in all for under $100. And yes, they use gym mats in Thailand quite a bit.

Refund Policy

Our apologies, but mats cannot be returned unless they arrived damaged. Please be certain you understand the sizing prior to purchase. Customer pays return shipping charges.