Global Recommendations of Thai Healing Arts


These are teachers and practitioners who, like me, have studied with Tevijjo Yogi and are dedicated to teaching and practicing, to the best of their abilities, in a traditional manner and according to the oral and textual lineage of traditional Thai medicine. 

Enrique Dianti ~ Located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Enrique is a warm and delightful instructor who offers classes in Spanish.  He hosts Tevijjo Yogi about once a year (who teaches in English, with a translator to Spanish), and is a committed practitioner and student.  I consider Enrique to be my brother in our journey of study with our teacher and happily recommend studying with him.

Danko Lara Radic ~ Located in Serbia, Danko is a dear friend and dedicated student of traditional Thai medicine.  He is genuinely fun loving and utterly passionate about Thai massage, having studied extensively with Tevijjo Yogi, and having gone far outside of the common routes of westerners seeking Thai massage experience in Thailand, including time spent working side by side with village doctors in a remote monastery.  Classes are in Serbian and English and are certain to be taught with sincerity, laughter and skill. 

Bhālacandra ~ is not at this time a Thai massage instructor, but a link to him is essential as he is another brother of mine in deep study with Tevijjo Yogi and the lineage therein.  He is a tattoo artist, an initiated reusi in the Thai tradition, and a sak-yant practitioner.  Bhālacandra can be found in Italy where he practices artistic and spiritual tattooing and reusi da ton, with a deep devotion.

David Wells ~ I would say that David Wells is one of the most knowledgeable English speaking people in the world on the subject of reusi da ton, the Thai self care system.  His single focus pursuit of this art has led him all over Thailand where he has studied with some of the few remaining practitioners who preserve this system, including Tevijjo Yogi.