Deep Thai Massage: compression & stretch (a level II class)

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Deep Thai Massage: compression & stretch (a level II class)


The focus of this class is the skillful application of Thai deep tissue techniques that bring true structural change to muscle, fascia and sen, along with targeted luxurious stretches that open and release the body.   

Course provides:
• Ability to give a full body Thai massage
• Deep tissue techniques for structural change, healing, and release
• Techniques for supine, prone, sidelying and seated positions
• Thai and Lanna passive stretch therapies
• Advanced tendon, ligament and nerve treatment techniques
•  Daily reusi da ton (Thai self care)
• Daily traditional Thai healing art spiritual practice

Enrollment currently closed. To be scheduled for October 2018.  Please check back in May when the schedule should be up. 

32 Continuing Education Hours
Taught by: Nephyr Jacobsen

This class is also taught by instructors in the Naga Center Teacher's Guild in various locations throughout the U.S. and the U.K. 

Pre-requisite: none, although Foundations course is recommended