Thai Therapeutics: Advanced techniques for Common Conditions 2 day workshop

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Thai Therapeutics: Advanced techniques for Common Conditions 2 day workshop


This course is next offered in Bath, Maine

This two day workshop instructs students in the art and practice of treatment based Thai massage for common conditions such as pain in the neck and shoulders, core back, low back, hips and sciatic nerve. This course is offered in one to four day long workshops, with the content varying to match the time that we have together.

Additionally we will focus on how to create spot specific treatments that are tailored for the alleviation of suffering in individual clients, breaking away from sequence based work and transforming your Thai massage practice.

Therapies taught in this course are based in traditional Thai medical theory and rooted in ancient practices.  Class will include conversations about the history and culture of Thai medicine, as well as daily practice of Thai healing arts ceremony.

This workshop is taught by Nephyr Jacobsen, and is hosted by Mala Room in Bath, Maine

Prerequisites: Students must have studied with a Naga Center Guild instructor and have basic understanding of Thai medical theory, or have taken the Naga Center online course Thai Medical Theory for Bodyworkers.  If you do not meet these prerequisites, but have other Thai massage training, please contact Nephyr for instructor approval.

Register at Mala Room

One day after this course is completed, Nephyr will be teaching a Thai Element Theory and Massage workshop in Newington Connecticut.  Students who register for both classes will receive a $25 discount on each for a savings of $50.

You must register through the Mala Room website link. Do not click this button.