Thai Abdominal Massage & Scraping Two Day Intensive in Chicago Il

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Thai Abdominal Massage & Scraping Two Day Intensive in Chicago Il


In Chicago Il
Hosted by Paul Fowler & Blue Lotus

We will spend the first day of this two day workshop learning the crucially important work of Thai manual therapies for the viscera. Abdominal massage addresses our vital organs, promoting good digestion, general organ health, certain back pains, women's reproductive health, general vitality, and more.
Day two will be spent learning gaan khoodt, Thai scraping. Scraping, known in China as Gua Sha, commonly called "coining" in Vietnam, and recently adapted by western physical therapists and chiropractors under the names ASTYM® and Graston®, is an ancient folk medicine technique that can release adhesions and spasms, boost the body's immune system to fight off illness, release excess heat, and remove toxins.  

Scraping is a powerfully effective technique that can be used by anyone for household healing without expensive certifications and tools.  It is ancient kitchen medicine that works and can be easily integrated into any healing arts practice, or simply for self care and care of family. 

This intensive workshop uses Thai & Lanna medical techniques and theory as they have historically been practiced in Thailand and as recorded in ancient Thai medical texts and as handed down through generations of healing arts practitioners in Thailand.

Instructor: Nephyr Jacobsen

July 27th & 28th, 2018
time and cost to be posted soon


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