Thai Massage Essentials: Layers and Lines (a level I class)

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Thai Massage Essentials: Layers and Lines (a level I class)


This foundational 5 day course is so unique that experienced Thai massage practitioners and instructors, along with those who are brand new to Thai bodywork, will find themselves engaging in an in-depth inspirational learning experience.  Come with us on a journey of learning that is like no other. Formerly called "Foundations of Thai Bodywork"
Course provides:
• Instruction in how to give a full body Thai massage
• Understanding of the layers of the physical body through Thai medicine perspective
• Examination of the sen lines, a unique understanding of our connection to movement
• Techniques for supine, prone and seated massage
• History, theory, and spirituality of Thai healing arts
• Daily reusi da ton, Thai self care practices
• Daily traditional Thai healing arts spiritual practice

September 7th - 11th

32 Continuing Education Hours

Taught by: Nephyr Jacobsen

This class is also taught by instructors in the Naga Center Teacher's Guild in various locations throughout the U.S. and the U.K. 
Pre-requisite: none